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Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner Range Review | Trafalgar Ground Care


The Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner is designed for poo picking horse manure from fields and paddocks where parasites and horse health is ever more important and good paddock maintenance is essential, even veterinary surgeons are encouraging horse owners to poo pick their fields regularly to maintain a low worm count. 

Our Paddock Cleaners are manufactured by us directly here in our very own workshop and are available as manual, towable or self-propelled models and are rugged, yet lightweight in design and easy to start and simple to use. The unique Paddock Cleaner 'clean fan vacuum system' means there is less chance of horse poo blocking up the system unlike other dirty fan paddock cleaners makers.

All of our Paddock Cleaners are powered by the Honda four-stroke (unleaded petrol) engines for reliability, low maintenance and fuel efficiency and when it comes to cleaning the Paddock Cleaner this is an easy process to. Whether the horse poo is old or new, in short or long grass, wet, dry or even scattered, the Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner will vacuum it up all year round.

?The Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner at a glance:

  • Clean Fan system means ALL year round usage that will suck up horse manure from long, wet grass in the fields
  • Superior suction
  • Towable and self-propelled models
  • 450, 500 and 1000 litre size collection tubs
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Easy to empty
  • Non corroding collection tank 
  • Picks up leaves and litter from gravel and flower beds
  • 2 years warranty (includes the engine, excludes flexi hose and door seal)
  • 5 years warranty on collection tank
  • Unique 360° swivel model – when compared to other paddock vacuum will typically reduce poo picking time by up to 66%

?The PC450 self-propelled paddock vacuum means no need to invest in a towing vehicle, saving a lot of money, with muck truck attachments available to make it a multi-purpose machine. 

Paddock Cleaner Demo Videos

The PC50 Manual Pulled Paddock Cleaner

The PC100H Large Paddock Cleaner

The PC450 Power Paddock Cleaner

The PC500H Plus Paddock Cleaner

Why use a Paddock Cleaner?

Clearing Paddocks Yards and Stables couldn't be any quicker or easier with a Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner!

The unique clean fan paddock vacuum system enables you to suck horse poo, alpaca droppings, dog faeces, poultry and game shed bedding, shotgun cartridges, spent clays, garden waste, wood shavings, sawdust, shredded paper, acorns, conkers, chestnuts and general litter. It can also suck up leaves from a gravel driveway without sucking up the stones (just adjust the engine revs accordingly) and can even be used for cleaning out the bottom of water troughs and ponds.

People that have a use for our Trafalgar paddock vacuum cleaners:

  • Equestrian Centres of all types, from the one horse owner to livery and stud yards, riding schools
  • Alpaca and Llama owners in the UK
  • Poultry and game rearing farms and estates
  • Wildlife Parks and Zoos
  • Race Courses
  • Clay pigeon shoots, collecting spent clays and cartridges.

Powered by HONDA enginePaddock Cleaner Engines  

The PC450, PC500 and PC1000 models are all fitted with the ever popular Honda GXH50 4-stroke engineThe PC50 Hand Pull and Back Pack Vacuum models come fitted as standard with the Honda GX25 4-stroke engine. The Wheelie Bin PC240 model comes fitted as standard with the Honda GXV57 4-stroke engine.

The Honda 4-stroke engines offer the paddock cleaner range many advantages, some are listed below:

  • Run on normal unleaded petrol, no need to mix oil and petrol like old style 2-stroke engines
  • Quieter
  • Cleaner
  • Easier to start
  • Typically 50% to 70% more fuel efficient offering considerable running costs compared to 2-stroke engine
  • ?Better performance and more reliable

*10W/30 mineral oil is recommended.

Paddock Maintenance

The key to healthy horses and clean paddocks is through good pasture management.

Manure contaminated with parasite eggs is the most common way in which worms re-infect your horse's environment. Exposing your horse to the minimum amount of manure is the best way of reducing, if not eliminating harmful parasites. The early lifecycle of most internal parasites involves eggs and larvae which are dropped onto the ground in the poop by an infected horse which could end up infecting other horses when grazing in the fields. 

Picking up droppings as often as possible using the Paddock Cleaner will reduce the number of parasites and encourage the horses to eat from the whole of the field reducing selective grazing. The 'Trafalgar Clean Fan Paddock Cleaner System' sucks the droppings straight into the collection tub via a 5-inch diameter hose. The fan is located on the outside of the Paddock Cleaner and has a filter sock positioned inside the vacuum to stop any manure or other debris from causing damage to the paddock cleaner. The Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner will work in all weather conditions and on wet and dry poo.

The Trafalgar Paddock Cleaners can also be used to clean out water troughs, muck out the stables as well as cleaning up loose hay where the hay nets are filled for example. Mucking out your horses regularly with a Paddock Cleaner vacuum will help eliminate the risks of infection in confined areas. 

Poo picking your pastures regularly is the most effective way of reducing any horse's parasite problem. The Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner vacuums are a huge help with this arduous task, especially in large fields. the trafalgar Paddock Cleaner is quicker, easier, and more efficient at poo picking when compared to manual back breaking, time consuming methods such as the shovel and wheelbarrow! Good paddock cleaning helps reduce the risk of infection and contributes to a low worm count. If you're not sure of the worm situation, it is best to consult a veterinary surgeon.

Paddock Cleaner Informational Videos

Emptying the Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner

Simply release the catches and pivot the rear lid into its locking position and tip the paddock vacuum container to release the poo from the paddock cleaner. To clean the paddock cleaner, again just couldn't be easier, no need to even use a hose pipe, instead of sucking up poo, just suck up water, air, water, air, water to clean out the paddock vacuum, empty and store ready for the next time. Worming and parasite control being ever more important in maintaining fit, healthy animals is assisted by good paddock maintenance. The range of unique Trafalgar ‘clean fan’ paddock cleaners are proven to speed up the paddock cleaning process and are easy to use. You'll wonder how you ever managed without them! 

? For more information on our Paddock Cleaner Range please call 01403 273 444

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